Forever and a day...

I really need to apologize for letting this blog die over the course of the past year. That always seems typical when it comes to new endeavors - you start strong, interest fades, you get busy and forget to write for what seems like ages.

I can't make any promises that this will ever be an active blog but I do promise to keep this website rocking for as long as I have money in the bank.

I have done other things...the Instagram account continues to flourish and we're now holding at over 300 followers. I know, I know, small beans but whatever. The YouTube channel has been fun and has received lots of positive feedback. I've met a handful of really cool people since this whole journey began so I count that as a plus. 

This all started out as a crazy idea and as that crazy idea has faded, other ideas have popped up and been pursued. At the end of the day, I've reached the point where I have no desire to be internet famous - I just want to look at cool bikes, meet cool bike people, and share my own bike things with others.

I can honestly say that I like my current job/ pays the bills and allows me the freedom to ride about as often as I'd like. Things are going well and minus the current political environment, I live relatively stress free. That's pretty much what we're all going for, right?! Just to live and enjoy life. Yes it'd be sweet to work in the bike industry and ride bikes all day but something tells me that's just me on the outside looking in on the fun stuff. I know damn well nothing in life is all loam and hero dirt. So I'm just going to stick with what I've got and enjoy it.