B-Cycles in Nashville

Let's face it, a vacation isn't a vacation unless there are bikes. So when I went to Nashville for a "Dirty Thirty" birthday party, I had to find a way to get in some pedal time. I didn't have a way to get out to any trails so renting an MTB was out; and being on a tight budget, I got a little gun shy when I found out rental bikes were $25.00 a day. That's when I remembered that Nashville had a bike share program! YES! 


started by downloading the "B-Cycle Now" app to my phone. This app is nice because multiple cities across the U.S. use it for their bike share programs as well. I had to sign up for an account through B-Cycle and choose a membership. Their membership options were reasonable and the terms weren't bad. $10.00 got me a 7-day membership. If you rent and return the bicycle within 1 hour you don't pay any extra. Keep the bike over that time and it's $1.50 per every extra half hour you keep it. The key to this rule is to lock up to a B-Cycle station within the hour, then rent it back out. You can do this as many times as you want during your membership and you never get charged any extra. 


All bike-share bikes tend to be heavy, clunky and not very pretty. But they get the job done!  The house our group got on AirBnB was a good half mile or so from the closest bike share station so the walk to the bikes wasn't bad; even when it was humid out. Our first trip on these bikes was from the Five Points area (which is my favorite part of Nashville that we visited) to the downtown touristy area - Broadway St. This ride was about three miles and there was definitely some climbing involved, Nashville is a very hilly city. We were headed to Florida Georgia Line House to meet the rest of the crew who opted to Lyft to the downtown area earlier (suckers). There was a B-Cycle station within 10 feet of the front door and the trip took us through the city, near the Titans stadium and over a super cool Pedestrian bridge. This is besides the point of the post but FLGH was awesome and had some great entertainment!


After some downtown shenanigans, it was time to head home. So we went back to the B-Cycle station to get a couple more bikes and head back. You can rent the bike right from your phone, or from the kiosk. Either works and both are super easy. The bike comes outfitted with a nice head lamp, rear light, a basket, three gears, an adjustable seat and some sweet fenders. I could get used to this bike! The headlight was perfect for the ride home and I assume the taillight worked because I didn't get rear ended by any motorists. Because Nashville is so hilly, I think the brakes could use some help. There were a few times I got a little nervous that the bike wouldn't stop at the end of the hill and I'd go full speed into traffic.


Bike shares are getting more and more popular and for good reason. I haven't used our local Grid bikes, but when out of town, it's a great way to get around and get some exercise. Also, a shout out to the B-Cycle customer service agent who helped me get back on the bike when the machine malfunctioned - Thanks dude!