So I bought an Ottolock...

...And it finally came! 

It's possible you've heard about these before, they had a huge promotional push last fall when they started up their Kickstarter campaign. After reading the early articles and watching the videos of people trying to cut through the lock, I bought in. It'd be nice to have a lock that was light enough to carry on the road bike yet stronger than a cable lock that any bolt cutter can slice through like warm butter.

Their video, but I was impressed. Sure an angle grinder could probably take it out, but that could also take out a U-lock.


At the moment, I don't carry any lock when I take the road bike out. It leans against the wall outside the cafe (brewery) and I watch it like it's my only child, ready to sprint (waddle) in my bike shoes if anyone so much as walks up to it and looks at it funny. So far, I've been lucky, but it'd be nice to have a bit more reassurance. It'd also be nice to not carry a heavy U-lock every time I venture out on the beater bike to grab a beer or some chow. This seemed like it would be a good in-between option. 

The wait was a bit longer than expected. Locks were supposed to start shipping in February, but there were issues and things moved slowly. I give props to Ottolock for keeping everyone informed. 


The lock seems durable - I believe one of the reasons for the delay was to beef up the lock internals, which is much appreciated. Setting the combination is fairly easy, just tap the little hole with a pin and set the combination you'd like, push the bottom on the side and you're good to go. For locking just feed the strap part (actually rubber wrapped Kevlar and steel belts) through the head, and spin the numbers. I went with the 30" version which is perfect for getting the front wheel and frame attached to just about any bike rack. Not a bad option for securing bikes to a car rack either - my U-lock has scratched many a bike frame by bouncing around the rack.

I'll be using this as my primary lock for the time being, we'll see how it does. I'll report back here if any issues arise or I have any new comments on the lock.