Gravel Ride on the Apache Trail

The other week Brett and I woke up long before the crack of dawn to meet up and head out to the Apache Trail just east of the Phoenix Metropolitan area. This trail is an old unpaved trail linking Phoenix with Roosevelt Lake through the small town of Tortilla Flat.

Subie commercial shot.

Subie commercial shot.

We passed Tortilla Flat and found a pull off right next to a scene from Breaking Bad. After a short round of reminiscing our favorite parts of the series we chugged a 6am beer and got on the road.

The route was a really nice steady climb with beautiful views of Canyon Lake, Apache Lake, and finally Roosevelt Lake. There was moderate wash boarding along most of what we rode, but I've been told during the winter months the road is kept up more for the snowbirds.  

After about 15 miles and 2000 ft of climbing it must have already been breaking triple digits and with the access of extra water out there we decided it was a good point to slam another trail beer, eat a quick snack, and head on back to our RV meth lab.

On our Prescott Circle Trail trip I faced my first rattlesnake face to face. That snake was a baby. On our way back to Tortilla Flat I was in the zone descending a hill, looked up at the last second and came face to face with my second ever rattlesnake. This snake was as big as the Alaskan Pipeline and I came within 3 feet of it as I zoomed past. I told everyone I almost died, but the snake probably didn't even realize I flew by (all while having a heart attack).

All in all, it was one of the most gorgeous roads and views I've ever had the pleasure of riding on. Views of the lakes, canyons, picturesque old bridges, and Brett's ass in front of me. I plan on riding this again once it cools down, maybe with a camping overnight at Roosevelt Lake. That's all I've got, go drink a beer.